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Skim Board  Better Tricks For Easily Moves

Skim boarding moves are difficult. They take incredible equalization, timing, coordination, and finesse. It is exceptionally easy to slip and fall, and much easier to just get pulled off of the skim board by the kite. For skim tricks keep fixation and timing on the front line of your thoughts. Also, attempt to pre-visualize the entire move before you endeavor it.

Shove-It: You are on a tack line on your heel edge and you need to attempt a trap. This is extraordinary to start out with. Stay snared in and carry your kite to 60 degrees. let off your edge for a minute and after that cut the board into the breeze, starting the sequence with your back heel.

At that point, push the board path with your back foot and force it toward you with the front. This will cause the skim to spin under your feet. It looks extraordinary when you can spin the completely out of the water. The subsequent stage is to spot your arrival. You can put your feet down again when the board has pivoted 180 or 360 degrees.

Attempt to land focused over the board and ride away.The biggest issue I have with this trap is arriving back on the board. It is easy to kick the skim to far before you, or insufficient. It is also regular to have your kite at the off-base point.

You can’t let the kite pull you downwind so it can’t below. You also must return to your board so you can’t boost from twelve. What I like to do i9t place my kite at around a 60-degree point and just before I shove the board I let my bar pressure go, the kite luffs, and for one second its like I am skimming with no kite. In the split second you play out the move.

Surface Handle-Pass: This is a sweet move to learn and an incredible method to practice bar passing for those raley-to-visually impaired and angle passes. I suggest starting this trap slow so you have time to address any mistakes.

You are on a heel side attach and you need to toss a surface handle pass. You will let go with your backhand and pivot forward. You would prefer not to tangle up in your leash, so take your leash and put it on your front-hand side.

All right, leash is great position, Kite and a 40-60 degree point and speed slow. Unfasten from the chicken circle and veer somewhat downwind. Veering downwind released the tension in the lines and allows you to start the spin. So let go with your back hand, and immediately fold your head back under your back armpit.

This torques the chest area and begins to pivot the board. You need to lead the turn with your head. At the same time you are pulling the bar with your front hand down to the front hip and the small of your back.

You are part of the way through the move now. Confronting upwind, twisted around, the bar despite your good faith you pass the bar from your front hand to your back hand. Palms should both face up with you snatch the bar and the kite should stay stable when you finish the turn.

The crucial step is over now you just expand your backhand and straighten out your body and re-associate with the chicken circle.

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